• SY Beauty

A r&d team of over 50 talents

Over 700 skilled employees

3 to 5 million cosmetic brushes per month.

 Qualification rate of 99.5%

The use of plastic products has promoted the development of science, but the ensuing environmental problems have become increasingly serious.Therefore, it is imperative to replace ordinary plastics with degradable materials.

Reduced emission of toxic gas, lowered air pollution, shrank ozone hole

Mitigated climatic variation and energy waste, defensed threat of Greenhouse;

Protected Biodiversity;

Avoided the destruction of forest area and soil;

Beautify the environment to satisfy the needs of human life and work;

From concept to design

Our broad experience and highly qualified team members allow us to assist you at any stage in the product life cycle, from concept to design.


Overall control over manufacturing allows us to be very reliable, very timely, and manage cost and time carefully.


We provide complete product reliability testing,inspection and qualification capabilities to support your full product lifecycle requirements. Our strong quality control system allows us to achieve a qualification rate of 99.5%.

Marketing support

Our cooperation does not end with the delivery of brushes. We will provide continuous support for brand marketing throughout the product lifecycle.