Mr. Wei Zhijun

Board Director, R&D Director, Cofounder of Shangyang


With more than 20 years of experience in cosmetic brush production, Mr. Wei has a sharp eye for market trends and has shaped unique insights in the design and development of beauty products. He has been leading the R&D team which has secured more than 165 patents, including 19 invention patents, 62 utility model patents, and 84 appearance patents.

Company Profile


Shangyang is an internationally recognized manufacturer of cosmetic brushes, cosmetic bags, and cosmetic tools since 2005.
We insisted on having the top talent service –from design to manufacturing- to meet the exceptional growth of the market demand.


Production capacity
we are constantly expanding in the past 15 years. With a floor area of 20,000 square meters and more than 700 employees, including 40 in the R&D team, we can reach a monthly production of 3 to 5 million. 
Having full control over manufacturing enables us to be extraordinarily reliable and responsive, as well as to manage costs and timing

Shangyang has obtained professional certification in various quality systems,including ISO9001, BSCI, FSC, SMETA, and ECOVADIS,and passed the inspection of LVMH and many other world-leading cosmetics companies as well.
To best serve our clients, we built great credibility step by step

The R&D strength is an important factor for Shangshang to gain customer recognition. The R&D and engineering team, which has over 40 experienced employees, is dedicated to develop new technologies and materials and optimize its production.
Well-equipped lab and full inspections for the raw materials, semi-finished and finished products to ensure a 99.5% qualification rate for the products.

Once the conversation between us began, we offer full-service till the moment your brushes are in the hands of your consumer. With our rich experience in the industry, strong R&D capabilities, and talent advantages, we are confident to create more value for our clients



As a high-tech company and a key enterprise supported by local government, Shangyang actively undertakes its social responsibilities in environmental protection, human rights, sustainable sourcing, and business ethics, and is credited with fulfilling these obligations by its customers and partners.


(1) Delivering innovative products: According to market demand and trends, we have invested more than RMB 8 million in R&D annually to develop environmentally friendly materials and technologies such as recyclable, low-carbon, and degradable ones so that customers needs are met and the environment is protected. At present, the company produces over 80 new products and develops 4 new materials and technologies respectively every year.


(2) Human-based management: Shangyang strictly implements the requirements of employee's human rights in the workplace, and pays attention to the personal development of our employees, formulating their career development plans and training-promotion plans and having established a corporate university for them.


(3) Sourcing management: Shangyang rigidly follows the procurement process, establishes a strategic partnership with its suppliers, and improves the suppliers' management by exporting its management

The Leaders

Mr. Chen Jingshang

Founder, Chairman, CEO.

Graduated from the EMBA major at Tsinghua University. He has founded a number of companies and is an entrepreneur who advocates change and innovation, strives to keep pace with the times, and insists on combining theory and practice.

R&D Milestones


• 165 patented technologies.

• A leading enterprise to formulate local standards for makeup brushes in Guangdong province.

• Recommend at least 3 to 5 sets of new self-developed products to the customers every month.

• The only enterprise in the cosmetic brush industry in Guangdong province that has been certified as a high-tech company.

• Developed the first automatic rod-extending equipment in the makeup brush industry.

• Developed an automated production line that finishes the first process and delivers semi-finished products.


Business School


It is therefore the goal of Shangyang to accelerate talent cultivation and improve the training for reserve managers.

On January 11, 2020, Shangyang Business School was established.

With Shangyang's corporate culture and the corporate strategy, the managing know-how, professional knowledge, and skills needed for Shangyang's sustainability will be imparted timely to the trainees. 
We expect to offer our clients better service by improving the skills of employees.