Shangyang R&D Innovation Center has a first-class development team and lots of advanced equipment. The development team is composed of the design department, engineering department, and proofing group. Production facilities include 3D printers, 3D printing machines, Elasticity testers, etc. Xiangyang costs more than 8 million yuan in R&D investment annually, which provides excellent conditions for product development and material development. Different from conventional enterprises, Shanyang pays more attention to develop environmentally friendly products and takes the strategic route of sustainable developments. In recent years, many series of eco-friendly materials have been developed, such as degradable fibers, completely degradable fibers, biodegradable fibers, renewable PET fibers, etc. According to market demand and fashion trends, Shangyang independently designs and develops more than 80 new products each year.

Shangyang R&D Innovation Center
Created date: 2021-01-30