Microcrystal fibre (MCF) combines basic polymers developed to create premium bristles with improved animal hair. Its manufacturing process is streamlined than animal hair for better performance. It is not only soft and elastic but also the best when it comes to powder pick-up.

MCF has a crystallization feature that makes picking the desired amount of powder easy. With these brushes, beginners can quickly learn how to get perfect makeup.

Advantages of MCF

-  Performance

MCF bristles are superior in powder pick up; they are also excellent in absorbing foundations that are in liquid form.

-  Price Fluctuations

Unlike animal hairs with regular price fluctuations, MCF bristles have a constant price. Furthermore, they are not affected by any factor in the natural environment.

-  Manufacture

The manufacture of MCF is more reliable than animal hair. There is more stable quality, consistent supply, and less to no loss during the process.

-  Supply Cost

MCF bristles have a medium supply cost; their cost comes second after animal hair, which is the highest. PBT has the lowest cost among all.

MCF vs Normal PBT Fibers

-  Pick Up Performance

MCF bristles have a crystallized structure to create an uneven surface for powder collection and liquid absorbance. On the other hand, the other standard synthetic makeup brushes have a smooth surface that makes them difficult to -  Shape

MCF has a 3-section fibre structure with a top-quality design perfect for skin. Its incredible shape makes it easy to spread makeup uniformly. The other synthetic makeup brushes are also great for making women look like elegant goddesses; however, they do not demonstrate the MCF's polygonal structure.

Innovative Technology of MCF

Thanks to research and development, there are now better makeup accessories. With R & D, brands can constantly improve their product standards to provide the latest innovations to customers.

Improved and cruelty-free synthetic brushes are perfect for makeup lovers; they move them from professional to amateur. Rapid development in makeup brushes also promotes the cosmetic industry a great deal.

MCF is a substantial innovative technology with a unique powder tapping technology. The brush's 3-section creative design is characterized by:

-The Peak Section: The peak section starts from the head to the tip; this section offers superior softness.

-The Neck Section: The neck section is the cutest of all areas. It has a design that improves the overall brush's softness and flexibility.

-The Main Section: The main section contains a micron structure that is uniformly arranged for a premium pick and release of powder to the skin. Additionally, this section has a consistent calliper variance control that prevents the bristles from either breaking or falling off. 



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MCF Bristles You Need To Know
Created date: 2022-06-09