Makeup brushes are designed to make makeup application easier and enhance the product. A good brush will help you to achieve the best results. It creates an even, smooth and flawless look. Every makeup user needs to know the knowledge behind the brushes. This guide covers things you don't know about makeup brushes.

Makeup brushes: functional distinction

There are different makeup brushes with their functions. Let's look at the one you shouldn't miss in your collection.

Face Brushes

Foundation brush. Since the base of makeup starts with foundation, a proper foundation brush makes it easy to apply foundation.

Concealer brush. These brush areas around the mouth, nose, and eyes. It also creates a base for makeup.

Blush makeup brush. This versatile brush distributes powder products precisely and evenly.

Powder brush. It helps to set up a layer of loose powder. This makes your makeup stay in place. 

Contour brush. This brush has dense bristles for creating a precise application. It can be used with cream or powder contour products.

Highlight brush. This brush is shaped like a fan and has thin bristles; hence applies products evenly on cheekbones.

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Eye Brushes 

Eyeshadow brush. You need several eyeshadow brushes to create a flawless look. They are smaller, denser, and designed to give a precise application. Eyeshadow brushes include eyeshadow crease brush and eyeshadow blending brush.

Eyeliner brush. The eyeliner brush is excellent for achieving a sharp eyeliner look.

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Lip brushes 

A lip brush is small, thin, and has sleek bristles. This makes it easy to apply lipstick when blending and softening harsh lines.

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Different bristles, different comfort

Natural makeup brush bristles

Natural bristles are animal hairs like goats, sable, squirrels, and horses. These hairs may be soft brown or tan brown. They can also be bleached white or dyed black. Natural hairs have a cuticle that absorbs oils and pigments. Therefore, they are great for blending products.

Synthetic makeup brush bristles

Synthetic bristles are made from synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester. These bristles are naturally white or colorless but can also be dyed. Unlike natural hairs, these bristles lack cuticles thus don't absorb pigments and oils. For this reason, they are great for applying liquid and cream products.


Since 2018, Shangyang has finished the CDP questionnaire for ECO VADIS assessment every year and set carbon emission targets. We specially develop 100% naturally degradable No. 11 and No. 12 makeup brushes. They are extracted from pure natural plants. As the first company in the industry to develop completely biodegradable cosmetic bristles, our specially treated No. 12 cosmetic bristles can be decomposed by microorganisms in water and carbon dioxide within 3-5 years.

Clean and care

It's essential to clean your tools at least twice every month. Follow these steps:

● Use lukewarm water to rinse powder products. Ensure the bristles point downwards.

● Take soap, use your palm, brush cleaner, or mat to lather the hairs.

● Rinse the soap with lukewarm water, reshape the hairs. 

● Put the brushes on a towel to dry overnight.

● After they are dry, use brush storage and store the brushes facing upwards.

If you want to learn more methods of cleaning makeup brushes, click here to browse our article "How to clean your makeup brush."

Best cosmetic brush manufacturer

Shangyang has been a professional makeup brush manufacturer since 2005. As a high-tech company, Shangyang makes eco-friendly and cruelty-free products that are safe for the environment. Furthermore, the products have undergone inspection to ensure they are safe for consumers. The R&D team allows you to get unique and customized designs.


You must have knowledge of makeup brushes prior to understanding makeup basics. You can be good at blending, makeup routines, and face shapes but lack essential knowledge about brushes. If you are looking for quality makeup brushes, Shangyang has a list of all types of brushes for you to buy. 

Makeup Brush Knowledge You don't Know
Created date: 2022-01-06