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    Our SY881 powder brush is made of vegan materials. It is designed to imitate the delicate and precise motion of a fingertip application but with the softness and neatness of quick brush stroke. The brush is densely packed with the softest synthetic hairs called imitation goat hairs. This silky-soft powder brush can leave a natural, evenly blended look whether you use it to set makeup or apply powder foundation. The handcrafted SY881 makeup brush is ideal for applying and blending around the natural contours of cheeks and forehead.


    Hair: Imitation Goat Hair

    Ferrule: Copper Ferrule in Silver color

    Handle: Painted Wood Handle

    Advantage: Imitation goat hair has better powder pick up and softness than synthetic hair, and it is 100% cruelty free.




    Powder brush (3).jpg

  • Our goal is to make working with Shangyang a rewarding experience, from our first conversation to the moment your brushes are in the hands of your consumer. Production services we offer include OEM, ODM, OBM, Customized specialized. With a floor area of 20,000 square meters and more than 700 employees, including 40 in the R&D team, we can reach a monthly production of 3 to 5 million.


    If you need a private label, Shangyang will take the time to understand your challenges, customers, and goals as a brand. This includes design, innovation, manufacturing, delivery, and marketing support.

  • With Covid 19, all of us alert that we must protect our earth and environment. So, Eco-friendly product, recycled and biodegradable, become the new trends from 2020 to 2025.


    Shangyang is an internationally recognized manufacturer of cosmetic brushes, cosmetic bags, and cosmetic tools since 2005. We have been living the mission "To be the Innovative leading brand in World-class cosmetic brush manufacturing". Shangyang also has 165 patented technologies and qualification certifications to ensure that customers receive sustainable, good-quality products and services by assessing quality management principles.


    How could we work for sustainability together? Shangyang can help our customers with:

    1) New patent material on biodegradable cosmetic brush hair

    2) Recycled material both in the ferrule and handle

    3) Vegan products. New starter from design to manufacture of eco-friendly product for your new brand, such as Wood/Bamboo/PLA/PCR/PHA.


    We insisted on having the top talent service –from design to manufacturing- to meet the exceptional growth of the market demand. The R&D strength has been recognized by our client, Shangyang continues to invest in Eco-friendly technologies and degradable materials.

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